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Posted: 12/21/2012
Lake Latonka Property Owners Association, Inc.
Resolutions approved by the Board of Directors since January 1, 2001

A copy of the complete resolutions can be obtained at the Lake Office

Resolution Date  
Number Approved
Resolution Description
R1-2001 1/11/2001

A Resolution providing for fair distribution of the limited number of Association Boat Docks

R2-2001 1/11/2001

Public Dock Reservation Fee and Dock Improvement Fund replaces Resolution R1-2001

R3-2001 9/27/2001

Capital Improvement Fee and Policy

R4-2001 11/15/2001

Growth Management Policy - Limits the number of building permits issued each year.

R2-2002 10/24/2002

Beach Shelter Rental Fee for use at Private Party's effective 1/1/03 

R3-2002 10/24/2002

Picnic Island Rental Fee for use at Private Party's effective 1/1/03 

R5-2002 10/24/2002

Latonka Commons Gazebo Rental Fee for use at Private Party's effective 1/1/03 Latonka Commons Policies and Procedures

R6-2002 11/14/2002

Annual Dues and Assessments Policy effective 1/1/2003 - Discount of 5% up to Feb 15, full amount to March 31, 10% beginning April l plus 1-1/2% additional penalty per month.

R7-2002 11/14/2002

Revision to Growth Management Resolution R4-2001 - Limit of one new home construction Building Permit per year for each member in good standing effective January 1, 2003

R8-2002 11/14/2002

For the Calendar year of 2003 the number of Building Permits for new residence construction shall be limited to ten (10)

R10-2002 11/14/2002

Facilities Rental Fee effective January 1, 2003 

R1-2003 1/24/2003

Definitions - A new home construction is where less than fifty (50%) percent of the existing structure living space is retained as a part of the new structure or where the addition to the  structure increases the living area floor space by more than one hundred (100%) percent and a home remodeling is where the existing living space area is expanded by less then 100%



Purchase of Lot 403 from LLPOA by Thomas J. and Roberta J. Pronesti



Purchase of Lots 1005 and 1006 from LLPOA by Helen Gargasz/Walter & Patricia Koscinski



Privacy Policy Relative to Personal Information Obtained in the Governance of The Association's Operation.



Guest Pass for Fishing in the LLPOA No Longer Issued, Guest Must be accompanied by a Member in good standing



Purchase of Lot 328 from LLPOA by Roy and Charlotte Hurd



Code of Ethics which will be applicable to all elected and appointed Association Officials and Employees



Published Prices of Lake Latonka Owned Lots.   Association owned non-lakefront lot on Latonka Drive is $30,000.  Association owned non-lakefront lots is $20,000.



Sign Regulations Change Resolution, Article IV of the Lake Latonka Property Owners Association, Inc. Building Codes.



Bulletin Board Policy Resolution  A need to revise and update the Bulletin Board Policy of the Lake Latonka Property Owners Association, Inc.



Facilities Rental Fee Policy each Rental Must make requests for exclusive use of common facilities at the Lake Latonka Office in writing on the form provided.



Membership Entertainment Resolution.  Director in charge of Community Relations shall be the only director allocating funds for membership entertainment and activities.



Number of Building Permits for new residence construction shall be limited.



Sale of Oaks Farm House



Sale of 1999 Ford

R1-2005 3/10/2005

Repealing resolution R9-2002 prohibiting the building of model homes within LLPOA


R5-2005 8/25/2005

Regarding Members Purchasing Unimproved Lots


Qualified rip-rap may be pieced within the lots by permission of the LLPOA Board only.  Refer also to R3-1994 to determine approved rip-rap.

R1-2006 1/12/06

Establishing Requirements for outdoor trash containers within the LLPOA Subdivision and providing penalties for violations thereof.


A Resolution of the LLPOA, establishing a policy for the conduct of public meetings of the LLPOA, Inc. Board of Directors

R3-2006 6/8/2006

Selling lots 1006 & 1007.

R6-2006 9/28/2006

Lake Manager is to control all keys to buildings owned by LLPOA

R8-2006 9/28/2006

LLPOA Board of Directors establishing a reinstatement fee for any unimproved lot or lots within the Lake Latonka Subdivision whick are more than two years in arears.

R9-2006 9/28/2006

Resolved that this Corporation sell the property hereinafter described to the following individuals:  All those certain pieces or parcels of real estate located in Jackson Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, five in the Final Plat Lake, the Recorder of Deeds of Mercer County

R5-2005 11/9/2006

Amendment-a payment of 50% of the annual dues & assessment for each not-contiguous lot(s) each year

R1-2007 5/22/2007
Sale of LLPOA property, Lot No. 1012 to Mr. & Mrs. Grant Cook in accordance of the terms and provisions of the Agreement of Sale.
R-2 2007 6/14/2007
Sale of LLPOA property, Lot No. 392 to Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth and Francine Weber in accordance of the terms and provisions of the Agreement of Sale.
R-3 2007 7/12/2007

Providing for the regulation of stopping, standing, and parking commercial vehicles on highways, roads, trails, drives, and streets in the Lake Latonka subdivision.

R-4 2007 7/12/2007

Amendment to Resolution R2-2-2006-Alcohol is prohibited at any LLPOA Board meetings including recognized committees.

R-2 2008 6/26/2008

Board of Directors have the authority to establish committees of members and sets guidelines for committee appointments, term of office, election of Chairman, filling vacancies, quorums, & other actions.



R-6 2009 11/13/2009

Aqua Water Agreement now in place.

R-6 2009  

Authorization for the formation of the Lake Latonka Watershed Association.

R-7 2009  

All access to the area below the spillway of the dam, known as the stilling basin is prohibited.

R-8 2009  

All outdoor hydronic heaters are prohibited within the Lake Latonka subdivision.

R-9 2009  

Substitute collateral on a current Mercer Co. State Bank Mortgage loan #63951, for the maintenance building.

R-10 2009  

Sale of LLPOA lot 1051 to Mr. & Mrs. Harold Rost

R2-2010   Procedure for budgetary control of escrow & capital reserve funds for future capital repairs or asset replacement and transfer of funds between major budgetary line items and sub-categories of said line items.
R4-2010   Established policy to invest operating and reserve funds.
R1-2012    The Deed Restrictions of the subdivision provided that property within the subdivision shall be used exclusively for residential purposes unless otherwise designated for business or commercaial uses on the plot plan
R2-2012    Lots donated to LLPOA from past members
All fuel and toxic substance storage tanks are prohibited within the subdivision. (This was a strong recommendation from our Lake Environmental Consultant.  The only exceptions to the ban are home heating oil tanks actually in use, factory installed fuel tanks on vehicles, boats, personal watercrafts, and small fuel cans. The offending tank must be removed by the deadline which is 60 days after the Resolution was adopted.  Deadline for offending tanks is October 7, 2012.)
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